Fengmi S5 Rolling has been announced!


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Fengmi S5 Rolling has been announced!

The new Fengmi S5 Rolling is an upgrade to the original configuration of the Fengmi S5 with a new cloud platform frame structure.

Fengmi S5: https://nothingprojector.com/products/formovie-s5-1100-ansi-smart-portable-alpd-laser-projector

1. Highlights of Fengmi S5 Rolling Projector

The biggest highlight of the new Fengmi S5 Rolling projector is the adoption of a brand new cloud platform frame structure that blends into any space, allowing projection images to be projected in more directions without being limited by space. The platform supports 360° rotation and can switch between use scenarios or projection positions at will. The frame structure also makes the projection more flexible, and when not used as a projector, it can also be used as a floating desktop speaker, which is light and decorative.

2. Fengmi S5 Rolling Projector Parameters Configuration

The parameters of the Fengmi S5 Rolling projector are basically the same as those of the Fengmi S5.

  • Optical parameters
    The Fengmi S5 Rolling projector still uses the same ALPD laser as the high-end cinema source, which is the most suitable light source for projectors at the moment because of its high brightness, wide colour gamut and lack of scatter. In terms of brightness, the Fengmi S5 Rolling projector has a brightness of 1100 ANSI lumens, is equipped with a 0.23'' DMD display chip, and has a resolution of 1080P. This level of brightness can be easily used even in daytime, resulting in a picture effect of vivid colors.
    Fengmi S5 Rolling adopts the self-developed FAV image quality engine technology with FAC color calibration technology, making the color accuracy and texture of the picture upgraded again. With a contrast ratio of 1500:1, it can bring strong contrast between light and dark colors and more eye-catching images. It supports HDR10 decoding technology, and the picture details are clear and visible.

  • System parameters
The Fengmi S5 Rolling projector is equipped with an Amlogic T982 processor and a quad-core A55 architecture with a computing power of up to 2.6 trillion operations per second. The memory is equipped with 2G+16G storage space, which can meet daily use. The FengOS system is used on the smart system, which can realize fast startup without advertisements. It has built-in 3W massive film sources, which can watch popular films and TV shows. With far-field voice, you can connect to the Mijia IOT smart home, call Xiaoming, and realize the interconnection of all things with smart device.

  • Functional parameters
The Fengmi S5 Rolling projector supports omnidirectional automatic correction and non-sensing focusing in terms of functions, and can get a clear and complete picture without hands. In addition, it also supports screen intelligent obstacle avoidance, automatic screen alignment and screen infinite zoom, which is fully intelligent in place. It supports MEMC motion compensation, which can monitor and analyze in real-time, effectively enhancing the performance of low-frame-rate sources. It supports wireless projection, which is compatible with Android, iOS and Microsoft systems.
  • Specification parameters
The Fengmi S5 Rolling projector is different from the S5 in that it adopts an independent floating speaker, which can bring more shocking sound quality effects. In terms of appearance, it adopts a brand new cloud platform frame structure, and the bottom can also be wireless charged. On the back, there are Type-C, HDMI 2.1 interface, USB 3.0 interface and headphone jack, rich interfaces can connect more entertainment devices.

Fengmi S5
: https://nothingprojector.com/products/formovie-s5-1100-ansi-smart-portable-alpd-laser-projector