FIFA 19 Multiplayer Issue


Dear Forum,

I am in need of serious help as I cannot get my brand new Switch to work right. My kids are trying to play a 2 player version of FIFA 19. Both Joy Cons can synch and appear in the controller list and the game is selected as a 2 player game. However, once leaving that screen we are stuck in a loop where we go back to unsynced controllers and have to re-sync again. This loops over and over and over and so the game is unplayable.

No matter what we do, what we press, nothing works. 2 player Mario Kart works just fine.

Can someone PLEASE help us get passed this problem? My kids are stuck home and unable to do anything and this brand new console does not work at all.

Thank you so very much!


I think I know what the issue is here. You don't need to sync both controllers up when booting the game up or in the main menu. Just have the Player 1 controller synced as normal, then when you go to the menu screen, select the 'quick play' option to start a game. On this next screen you'll have the option to pick your teams, this is where you can sync the Player 2 controller, it'll prompt you to sync up both controllers.

Hopefully that resolves the issue. I haven't booted up the game for awhile, so I'm sorry if my directions aren't exact.