Film Arkansas (2020) Review: All arrogant, no cover up sermons

The crime film Arkansas (2020) has been released on May 5th in US. It was directed by Clark Duke who is known for his roles in films Kick-Ass, Sex Drive, Hot Tub Time Machine and seems to be less famous in film directing area. By now the film Arkansas was rated 5.8/10 points on IMDb and not yet scored on Rottentomatoes. Here I want to talk about this arrogant Arkansas movie.

Those stupid heads ruin everything? When the old boss frog was killed, I didn't think the film made sense. Young people want to take what they need step by step. As long as there is a channel, they are willing to do it. Their group takes a chance to leap into the drug circle. They respect assignment, deal in drugs honestly, and behave themselves in crimes.

What did the old guys do? They have a set of outdated ways of doing things - rules first, morality as the criterion. For many years, they have been used to skipping rope collectively, and they are very happy. It can't stand the impact, but it looks beautiful.

fim Arkansas (2020) Review

Those young men also want to insert a foot, they are not afraid of skipping rope rules to take a foot, newborn calves, they are used to small stumbling. Although they took the initiative to send their heads up for smoking, the old folks still couldn't see them. The only old guy who can confide in these tender goods is in the middle of an accident, which is not surprising to me. The next conflict will still not come out of my expectation, and the result is - sure enough, it's a tender thing to do away with this old fox!

What I didn't expect was that the story didn't have a bit of pity, or that the creator of the film Arkansas (2020) thought he had grasped the importance, thought he could explain the law of events and prove the law by accident?

When the old tutor was killed, young men naturally refused to let go of the initiator.If it wasn't for the creator to rely on the old to sell the old, I couldn't think of any reason. The old fox who was killed, on his deathbed, easily took the young one as a backing. The old fox is gone, which leads to the fact that young men can no longer see the old folks. They start to be reckless. They broke the rules directly. They didn't care if the drug chain was complete. They easily found and ended up with the old guy behind the tender.

Then it's over! By the way, the creators really want to describe how to bear the brunt of humiliation. Many people may try hard to see it, but it really needs a lot of sympathy for the director to realize this.

The old guys in the film Arkansas (2020) are always arrogant. Even at the beginning of boss's struggle, they are still old. So a little humiliation, a little weight-bearing, a little disrespectful, there is a money making assembly line that everyone in the poison circle is greedy for, and it has become a legendary figure! The young people began to indulge and destroy. The old guys are going to take care of these stupid youths. They are taking care of all the stupid youths in the whole film Arkansas (2020)!

... my God, I'm older than them, but I still can't find my place! Because a little longer than young men was sandwiched on both ends of the line of fire, and the wilted head of the young people who were younger than the old people, they were not spared.

Worst of all, the film Arkansas (2020) is an old routine. Worst of all, there's no pity in the whole movie! In short, the film is too direct, too cruel, too compassionate audience, will be too tortured.

Those young men doesn't have a good ending. After all, he doesn't listen to the old man! I can also understand that the director is to defend the phenomenon of old age and high intelligence.

The film Arkansas (2020) places all hope on the children in Johanna's belly. His growth is doomed to be rough, because his soul mentor, his father died early in the unborn. The whole film reveals that the view of the young people who are not optimistic about living can be carried out from beginning to end. The view of the old folks is that seeing them grow - seeing them bring hope - seeing them bring disappointment. All arrogant, no cover up sermons.