Former Xbox executive questions whether the PS5's new design is practical


Albert Penello, a former XBOX executive, posed five questions on twitter, questioning whether DualSense's design was practical.

1. Will the trigger button be triggered when the handle is placed flat on the desktop?

2. Does the grip line fit? If the player has a large palm his thumb may be a little uncomfortable.

Built-in microphones are good in theory, but how practical are they?

4. Can the new gamepad be used with VR?

5. Is the new controller compatible with PS4?

Albert Penello didn't question the new controller, either. He also praised DualSense for its futuristic look and bold design. It is wise to widen the trigger button, and it is desirable to increase the vibration fidelity.

He also suggested improvements, saying that the Google Stadia handle is very comfortable and that he expects SONY to evolve towards this design rather than closer to the Xbox controller.