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What is a good example of a one sentence movie review? Every individual is not the same as the other. Everyone has different tastes & views. Some people like “Shankarabharanam (old Telugu film)” movie, some didn’t like it. It depends upon the people's mindset & tastes. For me, I love the movie “Kaleja (a Telugu film)” but it was a flop. I can still remember when Kaleja movie released the ratings were worst & many people said worst movie. That’s why I didn’t see the movie, but later I watched “Kaleja” on Television, then I felt I missed the opportunity to watch the film in the theater. Similarly, every movie is different, and every person’s individual taste is different. I can understand the Sensor board gives U & A certificate based on the film whether it is suitable to watch everyone or not. But, I didn’t understand why this media enthusiastic people give ratings. Some people visualize their lives in the movies, some people went to the movies to see visual wonders, for some people movie is like entertainment source they need fights & dances, etc.., some people went to a movie by expecting thrill. In this way every individual perception is different.

Auntie Mame

It’s a bit too long but it’s fun and it brings out the best in your mother in law.



The Dirt

I’m totally being serious one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my life.


Ready Player One

This flick took a lot of heat because the book was a mind blowing achievement whereas the movie is merely rad.


The Phantom Thread

The master of a perfectly manicured tree lined drive in the country which ends in the parking lot of a Circle K.


No country for old men-------A very high quality movie that doesn’t fit well in any single genre, brings together a superb cast, gives them a superb script, and ultimately lets you down at the end.

Iron Man----Totally complete sci-fi comic book action movie with an excellent performance from Downey supported by a simple but solid script, superb effects and brilliant score.

The Hangover III--If you liked the first one, you probably will like this one even though it is not nearly as funny as the first.

The Internship---Some funny bits but far too few to save this movie from a quick exit from the theaters.

The Great Gatsby---Toss the first half, ignore the pointless 3D gimmicks, and tune out Tobey Maguire...instead wait for the second half's explosion of fireworks between Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulliganand as they light up the screen as Gatsby and Daisy.

American Pie 2----More of the same, American Pie 2 doesn’t pretend to be anything other than American Pie all over again, not quite as funny, not quite as cute, but worth seeing and with enough laugh-out-loud moments to help you forget your real life.

Pain and Gain---A bizarre fact based story makes up this movie that was a monumental pain to sit through.

Admission----A comedy starring Tina Fey, Lily Tomlin, and Paul Rudd sounds like it would be a surefire laugh-fest...unfortunately the laughs are few and far between.

Unconditional---Decent story about loss, recovery, and learning to move on again.

Memento: Do bother trying to watch it backwards, you will understand it.

The Neverending Story: Bullied boy with overactive imagination discovers fantasy books.

Jurassic Park: Life finds a way.

Fight Club: Psychopathic sadist commits suicide.

Adaptation: The movie adaptation of an unfinished screenplay about writing unfinished screenplays.

Donnie Darko: Giant rabbit terrorizes kid into committing suicide.

Finding Nemo: They found him.

Star Wars: An incestuous family affair.

Castaway: It took 4 years to FedEx a package.

Man on the Moon: He's probably dead, but his jokes live on.

Harry Potter: The protagonist, having seen his parents die and is scarred for life, avenges their death.

Cabin in the Woods: They die because it's a horror movie, duh.

Magnolia: This here movie is a hot mess, y'all.
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Game Of Thrones is an incredible show. One of the best series to ever exist. Amazing story, cast, filming, and its just epic.