Google adds "Hey Google" Sensitivity Feature:What's its feature? How does it work?


Recently, Assist Mobile launched the new driving mode of Google Assistant. The company announced a number of new privacy-centric features for Google Assistant. The one that should make a lot of people happy is new sensitivity options for the “OK/Hey Google” command. We’ve all had those times where Google butts into a conversation without being asked anything. Google says the sensitivity controls will be coming “soon.”

Hey Google

The dashboard is carefully designed and the dashboard has personalized suggestions for navigation, messaging, calls and media With the help of the next-generation Google Assistant, Google can complete voice-assisted tasks faster. The company achieved this goal by reducing the AI voice model from 100 GB to around 500 MB, allowing data to be stored locally on the device rather than on the cloud.


I have noticed that my homes are better are detecting ok google vs hey google, especially when music is playing. I still want to the option to name my home. "hey karen, turn on the tv."