Google TV Gets Upgrade: Enhanced UI Design, Greater Customization

Leo Lopez

Google has officially announced an upcoming upgrade for its Google TV platform, which will introduce a revamped user interface (UI) design and some functional enhancements. The update will be rolled out to all devices over the next few months.

Google TV Gets Upgrade.jpg

The latest update brings a fresh new design to Google TV, with significant adoption of circular icons similar to those found on the Google Pixel series smartphones. This redesign aims to save screen space occupied by app icons, providing a more streamlined look.

Moreover, Google is now allowing users to add more applications to their Google TV app library and offering features like "reordering" and "adding apps." This increased level of customization will provide users with greater flexibility in organizing their content.

Google has also expressed its intention to offer users free access to news, movies, sports, and other content. A few months ago, free TV channels were added to Android TV, and Google TV will soon support these free TV channels as well.

Google TV is an online video service launched by Google, allowing users to download the Google TV app from the app store and purchase or rent movies and TV shows through the app. Currently, Google TV is available in over 111 countries and regions worldwide.


Exciting news about the Google TV upgrade! The new UI design looks sleek and modern, especially with the circular icons reminiscent of the Pixel series. Can't wait to see how the added customization options enhance the user experience!


It's fantastic to hear that Google is expanding access to free content on Google TV, including news, movies, and sports. Offering free TV channels adds even more value to the platform and provides users with a wider range of entertainment options. Looking forward to exploring these new features