Google TV vs Android TV, what's the difference?


What is Google TV? How is it different from Android TV? How is it related to Android TV? What are the implications in terms of applications? Let's explore this question today and find out what the relationship is between the two. So that you don't have doubts about Google TV.

First of all, Google TV is still Android TV.

Google TV is similar in concept to Samsung's One UI overlay. Samsung Galaxy phones with One UI are still running Android, and similarly, devices with Google TV are still running Android TV underneath. the difference here is that One UI is unique to Samsung devices, while Google TV will run on all of the company's Android TV devices.

Google TV vs Android TV.png

The latest version of what we call "Android TV" is based on Android 9, while Google TV is based on Android 10. Upgrading from Android TV to Google TV is no different from upgrading from Android 8 to Android 9.

Other than the name, the biggest change to Google TV is the home screen. Google has improved the home screen experience based entirely on suggestions. Movies and TV shows are pulled from the streaming services to which they are subscribed.

Another key component of the Google TV home screen is the "Watchlist". Movies and TV shows can be added to your watchlist via Google search on your phone, tablet or computer. They can then be easily accessed from the Google TV Home screen. The content can also be found in the Google TV app.