Green Book review: about the controversy and Oscar award


Green Book,” which received a total of five Oscar nominations, won three, including best picture in 2019.

I watched Green Book this afternoon.I’d like to say it’s a good movie.I loved it so much.
First it has won the Academy Awards,which proves its excellence.
The film tells that an American white man Tony is recruited by a black brilliant pianist Tang to drive for him when the musician has a tour in the south of US and focuses on the extreme racism in the 1960s of America.

I am deeply moved by the movie,and some of the plots impressed on me most.

When they were driving across a plain,the car broke down suddenly.While Tony was fixing the car,Tang got off it to breathe some fresh air.He was standing by the car,wearing decent suit while his fellow black people were ploughing in rags.They stopped working and stared at him.They contemplated each other silently.Those very seconds stuck into Tang’s heart as well as mine.

Also,this sort of hurt comes to me overwhelmingly when I saw he was beaten in the bar , forced to use the toilet in the woods and not allowed to have dinner at the dinning hall even if he was the piano genius.Just as he said,people invited him to perform on the stage for their vainglory heart and right after the performance,they didn’t treat him as a person.

However,the movie does not only contain the negetive emotions but also the warm ones.The relationship between Tony and Tang varied along the 2-month trip. Tony was a common person but he was so clever and brave that he could handle all the obstacles,especially helping Tang out of embarassing situations during the trip,which was also one of the reasons that Tang befriended him in the end.To be honest,at first ,Tony was unwilling to be Tang’s driver.

Only for making a live, he chose that.Through all kinds of things they exprienced,they found each other’s shining points in their personalities.They came to know more about each other,both weaknesses and strengths.

The movie is adapted by a true story,actually.But I don’ t want to talk more about it right now,because it’ s too late now,already at half past 23. I appreciate it because it expands my perception of the world,especially the notion of racism between white and black.I have already defined it as one of the best and most instructive movies I’ve ever watched in my life.


It's inoffensive and emotionally generous and competently, if not imaginatively, shot. The colors are bright, the scenery pleasant. Both main characters get plenty of laugh lines.