Greener Grass: A satirical comedy that satirizes the hypocritical nature of the middle class


Score: ⭐⭐⭐

The screenings at midnight are usually bloody violent homicides, or fragrant erotic themes. This comedy, which neither darkened nor suppressed, nor exposed the picture, made people feel more and more creepy.

The weirdness and weirdness in its bones made the story of this small town happening in broad daylight show the ridiculous horror of David Lynch, which also fits the standard of midnight movies. The film is directed by the two heroines in the play and comes from a short film of the same name.

Greener Grass

The director satirized all kinds of hypocrisy of the middle class with extremely grotesque tones, from excessive politeness and humility, to the disgrace of personalized clothing, the quirk of pursuing perfect teeth, and the extreme mentality of hoping for the success of children. The absurd plot, the nostalgic John Carpenter soundtrack, and the artistic style of the fantasy candy color system collide with the visual and audio contrast and the absurd sense of humor. However, the narrative logic is difficult to be self-consistent, and the overly random setting is confusing. For example, the rule that the son becomes a dog is not explained, and there is a random ball in the belly to pretend to be born. The failure of completeness. As a satire comedy, this technique is not too clever. There have been many similar works in many "dirty" works such as "Copying the Wife" or John Waters. The two female directors seem to only emphasize the grotesque presentation of comedy, but they don't know that many paragraphs in the play have become a real phenomenon in today's society, and suddenly the satire of the film is out of vulgarity.