Haier U5 TV released, Is it good?


A few days ago, Haier TV announced the debut of the Haier U5 TV new product. According to the introduction.

Haier U5 TV.jpg

Haier U5 TV with ice sea blue color scheme, all-metal avionics with high-gloss drilling and cutting integrated bending molding process, the TV is very thin.

Haier U5 TV has a built-in 12nm chip that supports 8K signal reception and image processing technology. Compatible with both 2.4G/5G channels and signals, it is also equipped with 3GB+32GB storage.

Haier U5 TV supports nano-wide color gamut and Dolby decoding, and is equipped with MEMC intelligent motion complementary frame technology, which can solve the phenomenon of dragging and lagging of high-speed motion pictures. At the same time, Haier U5 TV will also automatically turn on the global eye protection anti-blue light mode in the children's mode.

Haier U5 TV supports cloud games, so you can play popular games without downloading and installing.