[HELP] Dexon TV - S68AT02 and Mi Box S

I've been searching the web all week and I cant seem to figure a solution for this TV.
So My TV is called Dexon UH55D24SM 55" (4K) It seems like just another rebranded Mstar TV thats based on S68AT02 Board, very similar to many TCL old TV's in terms of UI and firmware, I cant seem to be able to find an exact match for it though, this brand seem to be specifically made to be sold in the Middle East. Its a very horrible Android knockoff TV that cant access google play store since its outdated, but as a standalone panel it looks fine.
My main issue with it is that I bought a Xiaomi Mi Box S and connected it via HDMI, and I cant put the resolution to 4k60Hz unless I go into the "Dexon TV settings and set HDMI to 2.0 instead of the default 1.4"
and then it would work as 4k60Hz no problem.
But whenever I shutdown the TV or even put it in standby mode it would automatically revert HDMI type to 1.4 which then means I have to manually set it to 2.0 and re-change the resolution on the Mi Box everytime I wanna use the TV.

I tried to follow some guides on the russian forum and here that are based off the TCL TV (that seems to have the same board) to try and fix the google play store but It failed and I didn't processed fearing I might brick the TV and since the TV has literally no information about it online that'll be tough to fix.

The Device Firmware: V8-S68AT02-LF1V131
if you google the firmware, you wont find anyone with the LF1V131, most people have other numbers at the end that are used for TCL TV's.

I honestly dont care about its smart functionality anymore I've got the Mi Box S, I just wanna fix the darn HDMI Type, and wondering if its possible to do if theres a way to modify the firmware or whatever.
(Sorry I cant link anything due to not having enough posts on this account)
I found its remote being sold on amazon that works with 10 billion other TV's (TCL/ Raylan / ACONATIC) the remote is called "RC311FMI4 06-531W53-TY02X"