"Hero Assembly: New Crown Virus" The strongest alliance VS new crown virus in 2020


The world has been completely occupied by viruses. The strange-looking zombies walked on the streets and floated in the sky with huge cancerous tumors, leaving only a ruin in the destroyed city . No piece of land was spared.


This enemy seems familiar?

Here, the director will give a close-up.

I went, it was so lifelike that I was really scared!

New crown , how dare you become a master!


Have you ever thought about wearing masks and washing your hands every day to deal with these monsters?
Don't be afraid or panic.
Sir is not here to scare you.

A group of heroes are already eager to try, and they are going to help you to help me, making a bad breath.

Beat this shameless group!

Launch a Jedi counterattack that recaptures human hope.

Before you start, gather roll calls.

The valuation of this photo Sir has exceeded 100 million.

Iron Man, Superman, Sonic, One-Punch Man, Goku ...

A cross-dimensional joint name that shattered the big crotch.

Is this over?
Such a big lively crisis, it is necessary to let this group of old babies make a collective appearance.

Also called four "foreign aid".


Who is the boss of this latest alliance?

Batman did not dare to say anything, Iron Man convinced.

Note that it was just shot.
Commissioned by Director Nick of SHIELD in person , the chief commander of this battle, Grandpa Rick (one of the protagonists of "Rick and Morty") from the Earth Rescue Specialist of the C-137 universe .


Let's go!
The strongest alliance VS new crown virus .
In the opening scenes, Sir had a chicken skin.
It seemed as if I was 6 years old when I watched the Black Cat Sergeant fight Transformers.
This time, it's time to move on.

caveat. caveat.
This is not a preview, this is not a drill--
"Hero Assembly: New Crown Virus"

This 11-minute original video has turned the entire tubing.
The work comes from the video boss @Mightyraccoon.
A blindfolded raccoon logo represents its identity as a super British fan.

If you are also a little otaku, you might have seen his cross-border classics tuned by him.
The most good at producing content is to break the dimension cross-border showdown.
For example, "Saitama Fights Overlord" and "God of War Kratos vs Thor".

Only you can't think of it, there is nothing he dare not do.
There are many ideas, and the road is wild.

While breaking the copyright dimension, it does not take care of the fans' feelings.

The cruelest thing is the dark ending of "Reunion 4" produced by him.
Iron Man didn't snap his fingers, and was killed after being wiped out by the bully ...


What is a fan?

Give freedom to feelings .

Break the product model and business constraints, and let the love and imagination free.
In Sir's eyes, @Mightyraccoon almost squandered this freedom to the extreme.
Especially this time, "Hero Assembly : New Crown Virus ".
It can be called the "number one player" in the fight against the epidemic version.
Signboard characters, signboard skills appear one after another.

Among them, there are strong newcomers.


△ MCU version of Spider-Man 2019

There are also seniors whose swords are not old.

The sentence "か め は め 波 !!! ", Sir shouted with my empty brother.


This includes two generations of gun kings-
The idol heritage of T-800 ("Terminator" ) and John Vick ("Quick Agent").


However, some of the team also came in. Chaos. of.
Sir especially wanted to interview Mr. John Cena, WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

You are so close combat with the virus zombie, and successfully performed the trick FU.
Why are you......

Don't wear a mask?


Of course, some players still exaggerate their combat effectiveness.
One punch to kill all present, not at all to the European and American teams.
So much so that there is now a suspicion of opening.

"All Men Are Brothers".
Abandon discrimination and prejudice, and abandon gangsters and ridicule.
When we are in the same dilemma, we should try our best to protect ourselves and others.
Wait until the epidemic is over.
Worth leaving us is a story about heroes.


They may have different faiths, or from different worlds, but they can fight side by side for the same mission.