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Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 Review: old but still active


Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 and MAX 1 have the same frequency response range of 30Hz-20kHz and power of 500W. Refer to the recommended power amplifier power of 10-200W. The MAX 1 uses a 1-inch diaphragm, while the MAX 2’s tweeter diaphragm increases to 1.4 inches, so the lower limit of the sound frequency replay is lower, so that its crossover point can be reduced to 800Hz, with a wider The frequency response range can cover a wider frequency range of the human ear's sensitive range, and the frequency divider has also been re-adjusted. At the same time, the sensitivity of Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 is higher, reaching [email protected]/m, and it can output a higher sound pressure level at the same listening distance.

Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 Review: old but still active

When I first started listening to Hifi Unison Research MAX 2, I really tried to use a small integrated amplifier with a power output of only 15W to drive the MAX 2. The sound quality shown by MAX 2 is still very relaxed and natural, and the sound is not small. The midrange and treble parts have good resolution, and the sound details can be more easily played through the speakers. The bass part shows a warm and rich quality. It feels very comfortable, without pressure, and has rich energy. After all, 15 inches caliber woofer has a lighter diaphragm. It can drive a large amount of air with just a touch of motion, and it can replay energetic bass. However, such a mix can only listen to some vocals, or small-scale classical music, as long as the dynamic range is slightly larger, such a low-power combined amplifier can not meet the needs of MAX 2.

Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 Review: old but still active

How about using a power amplifier with higher power and higher quality to drive the Hifi Unison Research MAX 2?

First, it is more calm and easier. For example, in the bass section, Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 can get more dives, making the energy in the lower part of the low frequency easier to replay. Especially when the volume is continuously increased, it can be clearly noticed that the energy of MAX 2 in the lower part of the bass increases accordingly, with better bass energy and lower potential to support. So, when you need to listen to symphony, or to listen to the drums, the advantages of MAX 2 come. You can feel the sound field effect with greater sense of scale and better solidity, and the bass part will sound relaxed and calm. When the band is playing together, you can hear the dive and energy of the bass part in place, and it will not Tense, it sounds more atmospheric. In addition, when playing vocals, or small chamber music such as quartet, trio, etc., MAX 2 can replay fuller instrumental images, especially the piano and cello in the quartet, trio, can better feel The shape of the piano and the resonance of the cello of the cello.

Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 Review: old but still active

Second, the high frequencies are softer, more natural and calm like bass, and have more details. At first hearing, the high frequency part of Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 is not that kind of lively and bright trait, but gradually you will find that the high frequency of MAX 2 is very smooth, and it sounds natural and calm like its bass, Listening to Karajan's "Dvorak 9th Symphony "New World" in the 1980s, the sound of the wind is loud and thick, and it sounds stretched, not the kind of hard, bright, oppressive ears feel. When replaying the violin recording, the sound is bright and not harsh, the extension of high frequencies is very brilliant, flexible and energetic, and the texture is strong and true. In addition, the details of the MAX 2 replay are very clear, especially the weak details in the recording. This is because the sensitivity of the MAX2 speaker is higher, and the weak details in the recording that are not usually noticeable will become very obvious in the MAX 2. For example, in the DECCA "Rosini String Sonata" album, you can hear the sound of the musician turning the score.

Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 Review: old but still active

Third, better full-frequency balance and amount of information. The full frequency energy distribution of Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 is very balanced. It can be said that the energy of high, middle, and bass is distributed in a pyramidal manner, and the sound density of MAX 2 is very high. Therefore, the sound is more stable, especially in the replay of the symphony of the big scene, the scale of the sound field has higher integrity, and the shape of the sound field is very stable and solid, and the entire sound field is more complete.

The compression driver + horn diffuser such as MAX 2 and the 15-inch large-diameter woofer design itself are pursuing close to full-frequency playback and high sound pressure level output, which means that Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 can also be adapted to home theater systems. I try to use MAX 2 as the front left and right channel main speakers in the home theater system, and in the setting of the AV amplifier, I cancel the center channel speaker, the AV amplifier will assign the sound information of the center channel Go to MAX 2 to avoid the timbre difference of the front channel. The MAX 2 sound is loose, natural, high-density, and has a wide sound field.

The adaptability of Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 is very wide, and it has strong adaptability in two-channel Hi-Fi audio system and multi-channel home theater system.
The main reason for this is that MAX 2 follows the audio design, the pursuit of high sound pressure level, large dynamics, low distortion, high resolution sound reproduction method. Following the design of compression driver + horn diffuser and large-diameter woofer, MAX 2 is very powerful for the restoration of sound details. Any faint details in the recording will become indistinguishable on the MAX 2, you can hear the details in the sound clearly. If in most home environments, a 15-40W output amplifier can make MAX 2 emit light and pleasant music, but the prerequisite is that your amplifier is a high-quality amplifier.

Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 Review: old but still active

Hifi Unison Research MAX 2 Technical Parameters

Speaker type: 2 way 2 unit bass reflex floor speaker
Using the speaker unit: 1.4 inch diameter diaphragm compression driver + horn diffuser
Frequency response: 30Hz~20000Hz ●Division point: 800Hz
Power: 500W (RMS)
Recommended amplifier output power: 10~200W or higher
Sensitivity: 96dB (2.83Vrms/m)
Impedance: 8 ohm (conventional)/7.1 ohm (minimum)
Dimension (H×W×D): 1010×435×540mm
Weight: 60kg
Reference price: €5990.00/pair


System:Floor standing - front firing ReflexCrossover Frequency 800 Hz
Loudspeakers: 1 x 15” wooferPower: 500 watts RMS
1 x 1.4 “ compression driver with titanium diaphragmAmplifier: from 10 to 200 Watt RMS or more – without clipping
Numbers of ways: 2 waySensibility: 96 dB @2.83Vrms/1 meter
Frequency Response: 30-20000 HzNominal impedance: 8 ohm (7.4-ohm min )
Cross-over: Woofer low-pass 12 dBSize: 101h x 43,5w x 54d cm
Tweeter high- pass 6 dBWeight: 60 Kg each