High score female movie in 2020, by Streep, Moore and Kidman: The Hours


The film tells the story of three women's day, at a certain stage of their lives, in the face of the panic in their hearts, the shadows in their lives, and then discovering their surrounding dilemmas, how do they solve them? An American movie full of souls and profound questions, like a desperate ice water, struggling to splash, trying to pour sober. On that day, it seemed to condense their lives. Their tangled struggles, non-existent all the time, wrapped their hearts like vines, climbing towards the past, present and future.


Each frame is as delicate as a rose covered with dust, exuding a tantalizing mood. The somber and solemn background is matched with the clear and subtle piano music. Most of the scenes of the film took place in the clear day. With the subtle lens of the director's continuous switching, the water and the nature of the three women's lives and memories were spliced together in a natural and soothing way.


Virginia Woolf, a woman writer who is highly accomplished in the literary world, stepped into the running water and chose to commit suicide. She so quietly disappeared into the water, just like the forest waiting for the germinating seeds, after enduring a long period of severe mental torture, she left her husband with a letter. There is a sentence in the letter she left: I believe that in this world, no pair of partners can be as happy as we are. With the fresh and eternal love remaining in her heart, she chose to leave peacefully like the bird buried under the tree in the film.


Her decision also conveyed: someone must die, and other people can realize the value of life. The essence of life may be difficult to see, but life itself is valuable. We try to bring life to a balance so that violent ups and downs can rest.

She often poked her hands hard into the cloth pocket in front of her skirt, frowned tightly, and fell into her own spiritual world, arranging the fate of the characters she wrote, until she finally arranged herself. When concealing sadness, sensitivity and fragility, people may subconsciously choose to put their hands in their pockets.


The morning full of thoughts seems to be no different from the past, but it gently opens the prologue to the lives of women in three different time and space. It's hard to believe why some women who are so happy want to go to destruction. These beautiful women dressed with flowers seem very sad. All kinds of flowers everywhere, they were originally a beautiful and splendid allegory, but the better, the more it can stimulate the unprecedented deep purple grief.


White paper flowers pasted on the head of the bed, colorful daisies embroidered on dresses and aprons, flower-shaped silver necklaces and matching earrings hanging on women ’s necks, flowers placed in glass bottles in the kitchen, these are repeated in the film Good things are silent witnesses present, witnessing people's respective sorrows.


The story is not complicated. Time and place are a background. The protagonist is not only a woman struggling in these times, but also a woman who has been suppressed for generations and unable to express and cowardly act. After reading, I can't calm down for a long time. Jumping out of the female position of the director in the film, I think this challenging film has also given every viewer a reflection and redemption voice when dealing with self-existence and freedom.