Hisense - HDR Picture Settings?


Hi All
I have had my Hisense H50B7500UK for a couple of weeks now. Very happy with the picture quality and functionality except when usimg HDR.

When I play programmes/films in Dolby Vision I only get access in the picture settings menu to Dolby Vision bright or dark. I cant access any other picture settings and the picture is pretty poor. Anyone else have this issue?

Also the sound through my soundbar using Netflix is very poor compared to all other Apps I use like Prime Video or YouTube. I have to switch the sound to stereo on the soundbar to improve it.

Does anyone else experience these issues? Am I doing something wrong, is there a work around to gain access to the expert picture settings on films in Dolby Vision apart from Dolby Vision bright/dark?


I've always had this problem but never spent much time looking for a solution. I have a 43B7500 connected using Astra satellite.