Hisense TV A57 TV, With Advanced Audio and Display Effect


Hisense TV announced that the new TV A57 will be released on March 16. How about this TV?

Hisense TV A57 TV, With Advanced Audio and Display Effect

It is understood that Hisense has previously released the same series of new products A57H. This TV is equipped with Hisense's unique U + super image quality engine, the first Hi Turbo120Hz high dynamic refresh technology and Care + comfortable visual technology, so the overall visual experience is excellent.

This A57H is equipped with 3GB+64GB storage and memory, and supports far-field voice remote control and convenient screen projection. It is equipped with Soundbar audio design, built-in 2.1-channel independent theater audio, subwoofer and 50W super high-power speakers, which can bring a cinema-like shocking audio-visual experience.

In addition, A57H cooperates with DTS international professional-level acoustic engineers to conduct in-depth adjustments, and adopts Virtual:X technology to make the sound more surround and immersive.

The new TV A57 released by Hisense is expected to be an upgraded version of the previously released A57H. According to the official slogan, the product may be upgraded to a certain extent in terms of audio-visual, image quality, and screen.