Hisense U9DG TV Review: Good 4K HDR TV


Many people have asked whether the Hisense U9DG TV review is good. The Hisense U9DG 4K HDR TV is a cost-effective TV. Let's see how this TV performs.

Hisense U9DG TV Review Appearance​

The Hisense U9DG looks similar to other Hisense TVs, with decorative bezels on the top and sides and a shiny chrome strip on the bottom. But the Hisense U9DG is slightly different as it has a much thicker silver bar with the U8G or U7G TVs as it is fitted with a forward facing speaker system.
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Hisense U9DG is equipped with a very large stand, which will take up a large desktop. If you choose to place the TV on the desktop, you will need a larger TV stand. So I think it would be better to wall mount the Hisense U9DG TV. Before installing your TV, remember to use the TV Mounting Height Calculator to determine the most appropriate height.

Hisense U9DG TV Review appearance.png

Hisense U9DG TV Review Image​

In order to prevent dark parts of the screen from looking hazy while other parts of the screen are bright, it is necessary to dim the "zones" of the light array in some areas while keeping other areas bright. This is where the term "local zoning" comes from. The more zones, the better, because the monitor can better control the light and dark areas. If you can make the LEDs in these areas very small, that's even better - and that's where mini-LED backlight technology comes in.
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The Hisense U9DG is a high-performance TV that delivers better blackfield and shadow detail than most LED/LCD TVs, while providing more brightness than most OLED TVs. However, it is not as bright as LED/LCD TVs in the same price range, nor does it offer perfect blacks like OLED TVs in the same price range.

I measured about 550 nits peak in standard dynamic range (10% window) with backlight set to 80, backlight set to 680, and backlight maxed out at 100. This is brighter than the SDR most people need and works fine in a room with plenty of ambient light.
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Hisense U9DG TV Review Audio​

The Hisense U9DG is very similar to other Hisense TVs on the market. The audio system is more advanced, but not too prominent, so I would recommend using the bar speakers if you want to have better audio.
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Hisense U9DG TV Review Summary​

The Hisense U9DG is quite competitive. If you are looking for a great screen and outstanding audio and video performance, Hisense U9DG will definitely be on your shopping list.