Hogar on Netflix: a new Spanish film worth watching in 2020


I feel that most Spanish movies show the most horrible and darkest aspect of human nature, which makes people think. At first I couldn't accept it when watching Spanish movies, but after watching movies such as "Pan God's Labyrinth", "Savage Story", "Dark Side" and "Ferma's Room", I gradually relieved. There should never be a happy ending in movies such as Spanish suspense and thriller.


This film vividly shows the male host's unwillingness, anger, selfishness, arrogance, cunning, perversion and evil after experiencing the deterioration of the housing environment. In fact, no matter who his family is, what he loves most is himself, and he is in the highest position in the society. In order to pursue these, he resorted to all means, lying full of lies, abandoning his wife and son, and hesitating to hurt others' lives.


Setting aside the issue of unreasonable plot setting, I think that the portrayal of the male character is very in place. Also, the house in the advertisement made by the male host at the beginning of the movie echoes the big house where the male host lived. This setting is also very good. The slogan said "La vida que mereces", I prefer it to be literally translated as "your worthy life", and now think about it, it is likely that it is a hint of all the behaviors made by the man, he thinks he deserves better Life, he embarked on a path of no return, killed the current owner of the house at all costs, owned his wife and daughter, held key positions in the company, replaced a more luxurious house, and moved towards the "peak of life".


Before the end, his original wife came to him and told him that she knew everything and wanted to call the police. Of course, he would not allow such things to happen, and warned the original wife that if she did, he would take all the money that was originally given to them in a lawsuit. Her wife chose to be silent ... Such an ending can be said to be expected In China, money or justice has always been a topic of contention.

(Ps: After watching a lot of Spanish movies, I decided for the first time to write something and expressed my thoughts. If it is not good, you can point out and welcome to discuss. Thank you very much for watching! )


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