Hors normes: Beyond the standard, all are mortals



To be honest, as a fan who has seen how handsome and arrogant and sexy the Vincent Cassel was when he was young, from the moment I saw his gray hair, old wrinkles and tender eyes, I was already crying.

Vincent Cassel

Indeed, as many people say, society is getting more and more advanced, and attitudes toward people with autism have gradually improved from cognition to concern, but about 99% of people think about this so-called "mental disease" patient Both behavior and behavior, I know you are pitiful, but please stay away from me. Few people know that they are really taking care of them beside them, and they are taking care of them without any harm, not only their parents, but also some unrelated strangers, some ordinary people who are exactly the same as you and me.

Like every ordinary person, I may ask people like this what is the reason for their determination to pursue such a career. After all, "work" is just a "work" for many people. Maybe they have a special life experience, prompting them to "repay the society", or have the unspeakable secret that they have to do. After work, they may have a mess in their own lives, and help others. They may have a completely different emotional world than before and many more.

But the film did not focus too much on Bruno and Malik's personal lives, did not dig deep and sensational about their life experience, and there weren't even many plots describing the two people will put any energy on their emotions and ideas. Perhaps it seems to us that their work is very difficult, even troublesome, and cumbersome. It is already very troublesome to communicate with people with autism. You are even more unable to control when the person you care for will do what you need to appear immediately. But for Bruno, protecting Joseph at all times is like a very ordinary thing. Put down the phone, rush to his side as soon as possible, and let him lean on his shoulders, nothing more. Until the end of the film, I seemed to think that there was n’t much of the emotions we were expecting in the world, such as “love in the world”, and it didn’t involve any “responsibility” or “a sense of mission”. Guarding Joseph is not because of Joseph's dependence on him, or his sympathy and compassion for Joseph, he just treats Joseph as a normal human being, but only hopes that he will have the same viability as ordinary people and have a common job. You can take the subway by yourself and communicate with others normally, and he must be with him from time to time, but it is Joseph's normal demand, but this demand is more than most people and takes more time.

Hors normes

Some people say that the biggest problem is that you think too much and do too little. Actually let go of yourself, don't think too much, many things will become very simple. Bruno will also go on a blind date and will also want to form a family, but because of work, this desire is more difficult to achieve. But for him, this is nothing but ordinary helplessness. Just like sometimes we want to buy apples, but there are only oranges in the supermarket, we have to buy them next time.

A very cheerful and lively colleague in the laboratory has a 17-year-old child with autism. Again, like many people, when I learned the news, I unconsciously showed sympathy to her. She talked about the sacrifices she had to make while the child was growing up, but she didn’t have any misery and tiredness. She also said, we got a lot of help. Since the child was diagnosed, people like Bruno have been helping her To help a growing child with autism, how can he better integrate into this awful society while maintaining his own characteristics like unicorn

Once again, Joseph wanted to sound the alarm in the subway. Bruno looked at him from afar and carefully reminded him not to. Perhaps the background music was too sensational, and the tears that he endured for an hour finally couldn't hold back. It may be people like Bruno and Malik that make me think this society is not too bad.

If more people can see this movie, I hope even if you ca n’t do something for people with autism or depression, at least try to treat them as ordinary people, maybe this is already for them The best in the world.