How can I use Amazon Fire TV without internet?



How to use Amazon Fire TV without internet?​

If there is no internet connection, you will not see the Prime Video home screen, but you can still access some applications. It does require several steps, but it is necessary if you want to watch the included content. If the application does not require Wi-Fi, you can use the device settings to see your options.

The steps are simple, but you still have to choose from content and applications that don’t require an internet connection.
  1. Turn on the TV and enter the Fire TV settings.
  2. Select "Applications" and then "Manage installed applications."
  3. Select the application you want and click on the tab labeled "Launch Application".


It is not difficult to connect Fire TV to the Internet using a mobile device, and you can access all the included movies, shows, and games.
  1. In the "Settings" of your smartphone, you will see a hotspot feature.
  2. On Fire TV, open the Alexa app and press the "Devices" tab
  3. Select "Amazon Click" and then "Edit".
  4. Scroll through the options until you find "hotspot" and select "Use this device as a Wi-Fi hotspot."
  5. Select "Start"
  6. Enter the network name and password you chose for the hotspot, and then select "Connect."