How can I watch the World Cup 2022 in Australia free?



What channel is the FIFA World Cup on in Australia?​

Soccer fans in Australia can watch every live stream of the 2022 World Cup on SBS for free.

  • TV station: SBS​

  • Online platform: SBS On-Demand and SBS Viceland are available.​

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SBS and SBS On Demand will broadcast all 64 matches live and free exclusively to Australian viewers, while eight matches will be broadcast live on SBS VICELAND. SBS On Demand accounts are also free.

Create an SBS On Demand account to watch all 64 matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup live for free on your favourite electronic device, anytime.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup kicks off on 21 November and will be broadcast in Australia exclusively on SBS for free. All 64 matches from Qatar will be broadcast live and free of charge, with eight live matches to be shown on SBS VICELAND.

How can I watch World Cup matches on SBS TV?​

SBS and SBS VICELAND will be the exclusive free-to-air platform for all 64 matches. A total of 500 hours of FIFA World Cup content will be broadcast on both channels throughout the tournament.

Many of the matches will be played at "fan friendly" times for Australian fans, with seven matches in the group stage kicking off in prime time at 9pm AEDT and 20 group stage matches at 6 am AEDT.

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World Cup Daily and FIFA TV Preview​

The World Cup Daily Show will provide Australians with a one-stop shop for everything FIFA World Cup on each match day.

Each episode will include the latest highlights, previews, expert analysis, exclusive interviews and celebrity guests, as well as all the latest news, views and live reaction from Qatar, Australia and around the world.

The World Cup Daily program will air on SBS at 5:30 pm AEDT each night, followed by the FIFA TV Preview programme.

Classic World Cup matches​

SBS On Demand will show 25 FIFA World Cup classics from 1986 to 2018, allowing viewers to relive some of the best matches on the big stage of soccer.

Most of the classic matches will also be broadcast on SBS and SBS VICELAND during the World Cup.

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For those watching on their couches, every match can be seen live in a free-to-air exclusive broadcast on SBS, with live streams available on SBS On Demand.