How do I get a free Apple TV+ subscription? For PS4 Users


Sony recently announced that PlayStation 4 owners who want to try Apple's Apple TV+ service can get an extended three-month free trial on their console. This offer is only available to those who haven't subscribed to Apple TV+ before.
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How do I get a free Apple TV+ subscription?

Users can download the Apple TV app from the PS4 TV and Video section and follow the on-screen instructions. An Apple ID is required to redeem this transaction, as well as a PlayStation Network account.

After the trial period ends, the Apple TV+ subscription plan will automatically renew to $4.99 per month until cancelled. PlayStation's extended trial deals will run until July 22, 2022.

The trial is limited to those with a PlayStation 4 console, and it's not available for those with a PlayStation 5, as PS5 owners have a separate six-month Apple TV+ free trial.