How is TCL Roku 6 Series MiniLED R655 TV?


With the continuous development of Mini LED technology, manufacturers are actively launching Mini LED TVs. TCL's new 6-Series Roku TVs are all the rage these days. Some users rated it as the best-value high-end TV in 2022 in the article TCL R655 Review. How is this TV?

What are the features of TCL Roku 6 Series?​

As a Mini LED TV, TCL's new 6-series Roku TV has 360 dimming zones and supports Dolby Vision, HDR 10, and HDR 10+. At the same time, TCL emphasized the gaming properties of the TV. Previously, the 6-Series Roku TVs only supported 120Hz refresh rate + 1440p resolution, while the new 6-Series Roku TVs can run games at 4K resolution at 144Hz refresh rate.

TCL R655 miniled tv.jpg

Is TCL Roku 6 Series MiniLED R655 TV good?​

The new 6-Series Roku TVs feature a centering stand and an ambient light sensor at the bottom of the screen, which enables the TV to support Dolby Vision IQ, which allows the TV screen to automatically adjust its display based on ambient light. In terms of interfaces, the new 6 series Roku TV has a total of 4 HDMI interfaces, which are 2 HDMI 2.1 interfaces and 2 HDMI 2.0 interfaces.

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TCL Roku 6 Series MiniLED R655 TV Price​

It is reported that TCL's new 6-series Roku TV has been launched overseas. The TV has three sizes, and its prices are:

The 55-inch version (model 55R655) costs $699.
The 65-inch version (model 65R655) is priced at $999.
The 75-inch version (model 75R655) is priced at $1,499.