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    How is TCL Roku 6 Series MiniLED R655 TV?

    With the continuous development of Mini LED technology, manufacturers are actively launching Mini LED TVs. TCL's new 6-Series Roku TVs are all the rage these days. Some users rated it as the best-value high-end TV in 2022 in the article TCL R655 Review. How is this TV? What are the features of...
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    How to turn on TTS screen reader on TCL R655 TV?

    The new 2022 popular TV TCL R655 has a built-in audio guide, a feature that allows users to navigate the text information on the screen and read it out by voice. If you are interested in this feature, this article will help you turn on or off the Text-to-Speech(TTS) on your TV. How to turn on...
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    How to use TCL R655 Roku TV without remote?

    TCL R655 Roku TV has been recently sold in the market and it is popular for its excellent service at a low price. When using TCL R655 TV, what if you accidentally lost the remote control? Just in case, here is how to use TCL R655 TV without the remote control, that is to download the Roku remote...
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    How to watch live channels on TCL R655 TV?

    There are thousands of movies, shows, and live news on TCL R655 Roku Channel, which is highly reviewed on the article TCL R655 Review. You can add live channels to stream your favorites. Here is the guide on how to watch live channels on TCL R655 TV. 1. Press the Home button and go to the...
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    TCL R655 Review: Best Value High-End TV in 2022

    TCL launched 2022 mini LED LCD TV 6 series, TCL R655 TV. According to the official, TCL R655 TV has 360 miniLED dimming zones and 144Hz refresh rate, so what exactly are the features of this TV? This article will show the TCL R655 TV specifications and reviews to make a reference for buying a...