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How much do you know about projector chips like Mstar and Amlogic?


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Amlogic T972 chip uses quad-core Cortex-A55 architecture. In terms of graphics, the GPU is upgraded from Mali 450 to Mali-G31, and supports the latest OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.1 API. Comparison of previous generations of Amlogic TV chips:

USB 3.0
Amlogic T962E​
Amlogic T968​
Amlogic T972-H​

The official explanation of A55:

Cortex-A55 uses the latest ARMv8.2 architecture and is built on the basis of its predecessor products. It broke the limit in terms of performance while still maintaining the same power consumption level as the Cortex-A53. We have tried our best to improve Cortex-A53 and give it the following characteristics:

➤ Under the same frequency and process conditions, the memory performance can reach up to twice that of Cortex-A53
➤ Under the same frequency and process conditions, the performance is 15% higher than Cortex-A53
➤ Scalability is more than ten times higher than Cortex-A53

The positioning of the 5 series "high efficiency" and the 7 series "high performance" in ARM Cortex is an indisputable fact.

Compared with T830, Mali G31 has improved power consumption.

It can be seen from the above table that T972 is indeed an upgrade to T968, but at the expense of the USB 3.0 interface, it cannot be called a "replacement."

At the same time, we also made a simple comparison of the main products of another giant in the TV chip industry, MTK (formerly Mstar):

By comparison, Amlogic T968 and Mstar838 are basically at the same level. Compared with Mstar838, T972 has a certain improvement in CPU, but also due to the castration of USB 3.0, it is hard to distinguish. The Mstar938 and 848 (called 8386 in the commercial display field) adopt the Cortex7 series +5 series of large and small core architectures, and the GPU also maintains a higher configuration. For example, Dangbei F1 uses the Mstar 938 chip, which is another level.