How much the ansi lumens will be enough for a home projector?


It depends on the environment you use and whether you use the curtain. In fact, no matter how high your brightness is, according to the current projection technology, it is difficult to achieve the effect of TV quality during the daytime. Unless as shown above, with a light-resistant curtain, then your daytime effect will be much better .

Note: The following picture is from user comment​
Environment: daytime​
Whether the curtain is used: No​
Projector: Dangbei projector F1, brightness 1400 lumens​

Dangbei projector F1

At night, the brightness need not be too high, 1000-1200ANSI lumens is enough to use, but too high to see the glare at night.
Therefore, if you plan to use it during the day, and you want a good picture quality effect, I do n’t think it ’s necessary to save the money on the curtain; if you plan to use it at night, the brightness can be moderate, and then consider other aspects. Of course, the most important thing is the subject ’s budget.