How to adjust PS4 Pro to 4k?


First turn on the TV, you can choose the resolution of the TV by directly selecting the resolution mode through the setting function key of the TV remote control, but for ps4pro, if you want to adjust the 4k resolution, the premise is that the TV is a 4k TV. 4k cannot be adjusted.

In general, ps4pro requires 4k alignment when changing solid state drives, and what you need to know about 4K alignment is that 4K alignment is to make the minimum allocation unit of the operating system correspond to a page of flash memory, so the operating system writes a 4KB The data can be completed in one go. The main improvement of the partition alignment problem is the 4K access speed of the hard disk, which is also one of the advantages of the multi-thread transmission of the solid state drive.

PS4 Pro is a minor upgrade of the PlayStation series consoles before the next major upgrade. The game will remain compatible with earlier versions of PS4, but obviously Pro will run better. In the future, there will be no so-called Pro exclusive game release. However, based on the performance differences between the old and new consoles, the gaming experience will be slightly different.