how to buy a projector on Amazon US if you are not in America?


There have always been short messages asking me how to buy a projector on Amazon in the United States. It is very tiring to repeat the information every time, and I will summarize it here.

The forum recommends more epson 8350 projectors, because the cost performance is really good. But this projector is not available in China, and the domestic similar is Epson tw 3600, the price is tens of thousands, which is not affordable for poor people like me. So consider Haitao.

First step was to understand the price of the projector.

I compared the price of epson 8350 of the major electronic product websites in the United States, and finally chose Amazon. Because Amazon's word of mouth is very good in the United States, and the quality is also guaranteed. However, you must pay attention to purchase in Amazon's own store, because Amazon has many store-in-stores in addition to its own stores. Credibility varies. Therefore, it is recommended to buy such quality assured at Amazon's own store. The link below is the product information of Amazon epson 8350. After opening, go directly to the Amazon epson 8350 page.

how to buy a projector on Amazon US if you are not in America?

After deciding which website to buy, the next step is to consider how to buy.

The second step is to choose a suitable transshipment company. Purchases made on Amazon and many U.S. websites are not directly shipped back to the country, and need to be transshipped through a US transshipment company. There are also some transshipment companies, such as Tongzhou, Tianyi, Feiyang, Belden, etc., which are not described in detail. Check it online, it is generally 4 dollars per pound, 3.5 pounds cheaper, epson 8350 is about 22 pounds, Forget it, the shipping cost is about $ 88. Transshipment by a transshipment company means that you buy goods on Amazon, fill in the address of the US transshipment company, Amazon will send the item to the US transshipment company, and the transshipment company will mail you to China. It is recommended to choose reinforcement and insurance, which are relatively stable. Of course, the price is more expensive.

The third step is to clear customs. Before the projector enters your conutry, it usually goes through customs inspection. This step is purely based on character. Some people do not need customs duties if they are lucky, and some require customs duties if they are found. Don't believe which transshipment companies, especially cattle, can pay less tariffs, basically depends on character. As for the key points, the tariffs for projectors have been adjusted this year in 2011, and the current tariff is 10%. My machine was also released after paying 700 yuan to the customs. The 10% tariff is 111.1 knives. It is best to keep the purchase receipts, otherwise there is no evidence. Customs will price your projector at 15,000, which is a 1500 tariff.

The fourth step is to receive the product.

After the customs release, the transshipment company will find a domestic courier company to send it to you, basically ems, waiting for some familiar courier. At this stage you are waiting to receive the goods.

The delivery is longer and the total time is about 1-2 weeks. The total price is 1111 (machine price) + 88 (shipping) + 111 (customs duty) = 1310 dollars, about 1310 * 6.4 = 8384 If the tariffs can be evaded, the price / performance ratio is very high. In fact, many people have the ability to evade tariffs, so I wo n’t go into details here. (Of course, read the post carefully, you will also find some ways to pay less tax, there are certain risks)