how to cancel xbox live gold on 360


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i got my xbox 360 around christmas 2014, and convinced my dad to get me xbox live gold. i loved it. over the years i slowly stopped playing, and by 2017 i wanna say i only played on my xbox once a year, until like 2020 where i stopped all together.

anyway, every single year we’ve gotten a one year subscription charge for $60 for xbox, and we cannot cancel it and we cannot figure it out. i logged into my xbox and tried to cancel / edit my payment: that part of my account was locked and i couldnt click into it. xbox chat help was zero help, i was chatting for about 3 hours and got no where and the part on the xbox was still locked. i logged into every single possible microsoft / xbox account i have online: ALL accounts said i had no subscriptions, no bills to pay, and no credit cards even in the account. we called our credit card company: omegle xender they said the only way to stop the charge on their end was to completely cancel the card and we cant pause that one subscription, and my parents dont wanna do that.

what i also dont understand, my dad has had 3 NEW cards since getting xbox gold in 2014, how do they keep getting my dads new card number if we never updated our payment information with xbox ?

is someone scamming my dad and getting his card just for xbox live gold ? should i just start playing my xbox again to make up for it ? would deleting my account on the xbox help ? anyway, this is very annoying and any help would be appreciated.
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That sounds incredibly frustrating! Here are some steps you and your dad can take to stop the recurring Xbox Live Gold charges:

1. Contact Microsoft Support Directly:

  • Try calling Microsoft support again, explain the situation clearly, and be persistent. Mention that you've already tried online chat support and it wasn't helpful. Here's the phone number: 1-800-MICROSOFT (1-800-642-7676).
2. Check Hidden or Inactive Subscriptions:

  • Log in to your Microsoft account on a web browser (not the Xbox itself). Go to "Services & subscriptions". Check for any hidden or inactive subscriptions related to Xbox Live Gold. You might find a subscription linked to a different email address than the ones you checked previously.
3. Investigate Recurring Billing Settings:

  • Look for any recurring billing settings within your Microsoft account. Sometimes, subscriptions might get renewed automatically even if they don't show up prominently.
4. Consider a Temporary Credit Card Solution:

  • As a last resort, your dad could get a pre-paid credit card with a limited balance just for Xbox Live. This way, even if the subscription renews automatically, the charge wouldn't go through due to insufficient funds. However, this is not an ideal long-term solution.