How to choose a best HD player? 4 tips you shall know


In the purchase of HD player, many netizens stepped on many thunder pits. In addition, there are many manufacturers of HD player on the market, and there is no mandatory unified standard. Therefore, in the purchase of HD player, you need to be clear about some basic concepts of HD player to avoid mistakes. Here are a few selection criteria. You can choose by yourself according to your favorite and spend less money.

First of all, we need to see its hardware decoding chip. At present, the professional HD player mainly uses four brands of decoding chips, namely Huawei hisilic, Realtek, MSTAR and AMLOGIC. Here, we recommend Huawei hisilic's player, which is famous for its strong performance, stable system and powerful decoding of image quality in the industry. The product is q5p of hisilic Lu HD player is the most representative, supporting 4K HDR image quality, H.2020 color space, 10bit, and 4k@60 Frame and gamut transition are also very natural and excellent. Many hotels and private movie bars also basically use this player.

How to choose a best HD player? 4 tips you shall know

Secondly, it depends on his audio and video decoding ability, which is actually determined by the hardware chip. For example, whether the current mainstream VP9, blue light ISO and other high-specification video formats, Dolby panoramic sound, True-hd, 7.1 times era and other sound effects are all supported? When buying, please pay attention to the choice of models that support audio and video technologies. For example, the q5plus high-definition player used by the author is quite resistant to playing. The above audio and video formats are basically supported. All kinds of 4K UHD films and 4K videos with high bitstream can be easily decoded. The most important thing is that the price is less than 1000 yuan, and the price performance ratio is very high.

Third, the experience and fluency of the system. Of course, each family has its own strengths and weaknesses, as long as you look at your own subjective like that style of UI interface and functional requirements. Take the q5plus in my hand for example. Although his UI style is traditional and not so good-looking, it is relatively simple to use. I can understand it at a glance, especially the poster wall system of high-definition cinema. I may be used to it when I have a clear classification and an old age. I don't like the dense and small square design in the market. Simplicity is the first pursuit.

Fourth: other extension functions or interfaces.

At present, the players who watch HD players basically have fever level players who pursue high-quality life and have a set of their own home theater. Therefore, to choose a good player, we must consider the Gigabit network interface, optical fiber interface, dual band WiFi, Bluetooth interface, USB3.0, hdmi2.0a and other hard pointer interfaces. Of course, q5plus are all available, which is the reason why I like it. All kinds of interfaces are available The interface is relatively complete, so there is more functional expansion and playability, such as Bluetooth interface, Bluetooth headset, mouse, keyboard, Xbox game machine, etc., which can be switched from player to living room game machine or large screen home computer in a moment, with many functions.

The above points are the major aspects that must be considered when selecting a player with high cost performance. Of course, other aspects such as whether it supports the built-in hard disk storage, whether it has genuine online video, APP compatibility, etc. can also be considered. Of course, the most important point is the price that you can accept. After all, cost performance is always the only standard for purchase. The above points are only for you reference resources.