How to choose a good soundbar? All you need to know


Nowadays there are more and more choices of soundbars, consumers want to choose one of the many products that best suits their needs is not so easy, this article will show you what you need to pay attention to when choosing a soundbar.

1. The greater the audio power the better?


Is the wattage of the audio really the greater the better? Before answering this question, we first understand the two concepts of audio power: rated power (RMS) and peak power (PMPO). Rated power refers to the speaker who does not distort the premise, can work for a long time the maximum output power, and peak power refers to the speaker for a short period of time who can withstand the maximum load capacity.

Under normal circumstances, our audio is working at rated power, the sound signal is only occasionally very loud when the peak power and this time is also very short, generally about 30S, so we need to pay attention to the rated power when buying audio products, it is the actual reference value. Generally speaking, the peak power is 2-4 times the rated power. Rated power is 20W and peak power is 40W or even 80W audio in the power of this parameter, the effect may be the same. The industry will generally use peak power to promote its products, and the regular integrity of the business will also be marked on the page.

Theoretically, the higher the rated power, the louder the sound should be. But in fact, power and loudness are not exactly equal, the sound of the size of the audio is also related to other factors, such as the efficiency of the audio, the use of the environment, etc.

2. Sensitivity

The concept of sensitivity for non-audiophiles or non-professionals of the average user is a relatively uncommon concept. In fact, sensitivity is also one of the very important indicators of the technical parameters of the speaker. It is an important factor in determining the output power value of the amplifier.

If the sensitivity is too high, it will lead to a decline in the dynamic range of the speaker, the tone is thin, and bright, reproducing the details of the music, and rhythm is not enough. If the sensitivity is too low, it requires a larger power to push. The sensitivity of professional speakers is generally 98-110dB; hi-fi speakers are in the 70-98dB

3. Height of Soundbar

soundbar and tv.jpg

The height of the soundbar is the problem that users usually ignore, but for seat-mounted TVs rather than wall-mounted TVs, this actually requires more attention. If your TV height is very low, it will cause there is not enough space for you to put a soundbar.