How to choose between PS4 and PS4 PRO? PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison


On November 10, 2016, Sony released an upgraded version of PS4-PS4 PRO. It is a minor upgrade of the PS console series before a major upgrade. Many players believe that the slow PS4 may be eliminated, and even many games may have a very poor experience on PS4. So, is the gap between PS4 and PS4 PRO large enough to affect the future gaming experience?

 PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

PS4 Slim and PS4 PRO

From the appearance point of view, PS4 PRO is bigger than PS4 slim, but it is almost the same thickness as the earliest old PS4. The PS4PRO GPU is directly upgraded from the first-generation AMDGCN architecture processor to the fourth-generation Polaris architecture model, and the computing unit scale is consistent with the current desktop AMD's latest generation high-end model RX480, with 2304 processing units, while the PS4 GPU Some parts have only 1152 processing units. It can be seen that some GPU architectures jumped directly for three generations, and the size of the stream processor has more than doubled. This improvement is mainly for a better experience at 4K resolution, which also has a data disk throughput. In response to new requirements, Sony has equipped the PS4PRO host with a real SATA3.0 interface this time.

PS4 PRO's hard disk compartment is more convenient

With the SATA3.0 interface, PS4PRO's disk expansion capability has increased linearly, and the experience will be doubled when running some game masterpieces. With the popularity of SSDs in PCs, many console gamers have also begun to develop the idea of replacing SSDs for PS4PRO, and have gradually become the preferred hardware for PS console players to speed up.

PS4 PRO supports 5G signal band

It is worth mentioning that PS4 PRO supports 5G network signal frequency band, while PS4 only supports 2.4GHz. For domestic players, this is a great improvement for networked games. It will not happen because of the network is not smooth and often disconnected.

PS4 and PS4 PRO screen comparison

After talking about the difference between the appearance and the network, let's talk about the difference between the games. Let's take a few examples of "Master Monster Hunter World", "God of War 4" and "Horizon"

  • Monster Hunter World: PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

 PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

In the performance of Monster Hunter World, the screen gap between PS4 and PS4 PRO is not very large. The shadow effect on PS4 PRO will be deeper. In the grass on the lower left corner, you can see that the grass density of PS4 PRO is slightly improved.

  • Ares 4: PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

 PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

In Ares 4, the PS4 screen and the PS4 RPO screen mode are almost no different from the frame number mode.

  • Horizon: PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

 PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

Last year's annual masterpiece was the first PS4 PRO performance game to be tested after the PS4 PRO was released, and the performance gap between the two models could not be reflected from the performance on the screen.

So what does PS4 PRO improve?

 PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

We compared God of War 4 with more battles and Monster Hunter World, and found that the old version of PS4 can meet the smooth running of these two games at 30 frames, while PS4 PRO can reach an average of about 40 frames in the game frame mode. The Ares 4 can reach 60 frames. It can be seen that the PS4 PRO has a great improvement in the number of frames.

Sammury: PS4 and PS4 PRO Comparison

In general, there are still some improvements to PS4 PRO, but after all, it is just an upgrade on the original basis. If you have a PS4 partner in your hand, you do n’t have to worry about the subsequent games ca n’t meet the requirements of PS4, you can play with peace of mind. If you currently plan to get one but can't decide whether PS4 or PS4 PRO, you can refer to it from here. The editor recommends that if you usually play a lot of games, PS4 PRO is better in one step. If you usually go off work and occasionally play with the budget, if it is not particularly large, just buy a PS4 SLIM version. Does not affect the normal gaming experience.