How to choose entry-level projectors? 10 important things to consider


for the initial contact with the projection machine in terms of friends, buy a entry-level projector may have to hesitate, so give us today How to buy an entry-level projector?

First: The brand
only selects big brands from old factories. Those that have stood the test of the market can't be worse. According to IDC's survey of projector sales in the fourth quarter of 2014 in China, according to the international research organization IDC , the top ten projector manufacturers accounted for 84.3% of the market, while the top three Epson , BenQ, and Sony accounted for 40.6% share of the entire market.


Second: pixels
It is said that within 100 inches, the viewing distance of more than 2 meters, the naked eye can not distinguish the difference between 720p and 1080p. So choose 720p within 100 inches, otherwise 1080p. As for 4K , if you have money and film sources, you can buy it!

Third: projection size .
Looking at the size of the space, the space is enough for the ordinary focal length, and the space is narrow, the short focus. For example, BenQ 1070+ casts 120 inches and needs a distance of more than 3.1 meters. Check the manual of the projection distance of each machine.

Fourth: brightness .
2000 lumens can basically cope with daytime + blackout curtains. Even the lowest lumens can only be seen at night.

Fifth: 3D .
It's a personal preference. I think it must be, because the effect is so good, it is unforgettable.

Sixth: image ratio.
There is no reason not to use 16: 9 when watching movies.

Seventh: intelligence.
Most of the film sources come from the Internet, so it is played on a computer. The main value of projection is the large screen. According to the experience of smart TVs , intelligence is just tasteless.

Eighth: audio.
Personally feel that the attention of watching movies is mostly on the screen. Relative to listening to music, watching movies does not have high requirements for sound quality. So even if you buy a set of "listen", it is not impossible to think about how good the sound of ordinary TVs can be? It's best to be on 5.1, and it's nice to hear sound coming from all directions.

Ninth: Keystone correction.
What should I do if I put on a hanger?

Tenth: the curtain.
It is much better than nothing. The curtain is cost-effective.