How to choose the projection screen?

Why do we need a projection screen? There may be different reasons for different consumers, but most of them cannot escape the following two reasons:
"The projection does not have a screen on the white wall. It always feels like something is as the theater. People with this kind of psychology are actually not a minority, because we are used to the feeling of television bezel, the theater have a boundary, and the picture on the white wall is on the white wall. Suddenly lacking the border, making people lose a sense of order. "
"There is no planning projection position during the decoration, either hanging a TV or sticking to the wallpaper. Either brushed color walls or walls that are uneven, and projection screen need to be a projection plane.
With a projection screen to the projection, it can increase the gain and reduce the impact of environmental light on the view of the picture. This is also the biggest role of the projection screen. "

(100" VIVIDSTORM ALR Screen)

From a professional perspective, we choose the screen to solve the problem of the projection of the projection by the environmental light, so we will talk about the core factors affecting this problem.

First of all, whether it is traditional projection or intelligent projection, laser TV, the principle of the picture can be seen in the naked eye. The projection image reflected into our eyes and became the picture we saw.

This reflection process can be divided into diffuse reflection and directed reflection. Diffuse reflection is due to the uneven reflection surface, the reflected light is disorderly, in all directions, the light is not concentrated, the brightness is usually low, but the irradiation range is wide, such as paper, walls, etc.; Directional reflection is easy to understand. The light is reflected in the same direction, the light is concentrated, so the brightness is usually higher, but the area of the light is narrower, like the mirror.


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Therefore, under the condition that the projection itself and the surrounding environmental factors remain unchanged, the biggest factor affecting the brightness and visual Angle of the picture is the reflecting surface in the process of reflection, that is, the curtain or wall in the process of our projection.

To summarize, the more directional light reflected by the projected screen, the higher the brightness gain, but the lower the viewing Angle; On the contrary, the closer to diffuse reflection, brightness gain will be smaller, but the visual Angle will increase, so in the selection of screen, it is necessary to weigh the different needs of brightness and visual Angle, according to their own actual situation, choose different screen.

(120inch VIVIDSTORM S PRO Screen)


Yes, a great projection screen can improve the image. we can enjoy our moive time like we are in theatre.