How to choose TV size and viewing distance?


Every family wants to choose a TV that suits their home. The right viewing distance of fit and size is very important for TVs. Next, I will introduce to you how to choose a TV that is satisfactory and suitable for you.

If you want a practical TV, then choose the size that suits you based on the relationship between the size of the TV and the optimal viewing distance. You can use the TV Size Calculator to calculate the best viewing distance for your TV.

For example, you could try entering 55 inches and click Calculate. As shown in the picture below, its optimal viewing distance is 220 cm. If your home viewing distance is greater than 220cm, you can enter a larger TV size, such as 60", 65", to find the closest size to your home viewing distance.
tv size distance calculator.jpg

If you only have a viewing distance of 2 meters at home, when you enter 50 inches and click Calculate, it shows that the best viewing distance is exactly 200 cm. So congratulations, 50 inches is the best TV for your living room.

tv size calculator.jpg

With the TV Size Calculator, you can choose the right size TV scientifically. Let's try it!