How to clean TV screen Vizio


How do I clean the screen of my VIZIO TV? You must cut off the power when cleaning the TV screen to prevent electric shock, and use a dry, soft, soft linen cloth to gently wipe the surface of the LCD screen.

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How to clean Vizio TV Screen?​

1. First, please distinguish the type of VIZIO TV set in your home, and then determine the cleaning method of the screen. Screen cleaning methods are divided into two categories: general TV screen; LCD, plasma, and rear projection TV screen.

2. No matter what kind of TV screen, you must clean it when the TV is turned off. And, after wiping, cleaning is completed, the screen should be dried.

3. If it is a general TV screen, you can use detergent and a clean soft cloth to scrub directly or use a cotton ball to wipe the screen.

4. If it is the screen of an LCD, plasma, or rear projection TV set, you can use the cleaning agent, especially for the corresponding screen. For example, use the cleaner special for LCD TV screen to clean the soiled screen. On the other hand, due to our limited expertise, you can also ask professionals to help you.

5. TV screen is easy to absorb dust because it is high-voltage electrostatic, so we should often clean and wipe the screen so that it will not affect our viewing of exciting TV programs.