How to clean Vankyo Projector?


Here are some tips on how to clean Vankyo Projector.

1. Before cleaning the lens of the Vankyo projector, first turn the projector off and disconnect it from the power source. If the projector has been in use, you will also need to wait a period of time for the projector to cool down completely until there is no noticeable heat when you touch the body. It is best to turn off the projector for 30 minutes or more before cleaning the lens.


2. Use a blowing balloon to blow away the outer surface of the lens particles are relatively large dust, grit. Do not use your mouth to blow the lens directly, the result of blowing the lens directly will only allow saliva to corrode the lens coating.


3. Then, select some suitable tools for cleaning the projector lens, such as a non-abrasive cleaning solution and a soft camera cloth or a suitable camera lens brush, apply the cleaning solution to the camera cloth and then gently wipe the lens surface in a circular motion. When wiping must not repeatedly wipe back and forth, easy to bring the dust back to the inside of the lens. In addition, paper towels are prone to leave confetti because of their composition, and are also not suitable for wiping projector lenses.