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How To Design Your Gaming Living Room by Switch? Best Ideas in 2020


To choose a space to build a game audio-visual system, Many friends will think of the living room for the first time. In the living room, we can have more sufficient space to install a larger display and surround sound system. Let's first take a look at which game console platform should be selected if we want to build a game audio-visual system in the living room, and what size audio-visual system should be built.

How To Design Your Gaming Living Room by Switch? Best Ideas in 2020

How To Design Your Gaming Living Room?

Light-gaming: Nintendo Switch is the best choice

First of all, for most audio-visual enthusiasts, they usually mainly focus on watching movies and listening to music. They basically rarely play games, and occasionally play some less when they have time.

The Nintendo Switch host platform is undoubtedly the best choice. Although among the three major host platforms today, Nintendo Switch is not outstanding in terms of audio and video capabilities, and even a bit out of touch. It can only support 1080p full HD video and 5.1LPCM audio output, but its rich multiplayer game resources.

Display: 1080p-level full HD

Secondly, if you are an enthusiast who already owns a Nintendo Switch console and want to create an audio-visual system in the living room that can fully release the console's performance. Then what kind of equipment do you choose at this time? As the Nintendo Switch itself has relatively ordinary audio and video performance, as for display devices, only 1080p-level full HD TVs, laser TVs and projection systems can meet the requirements.

For the living room space is not particularly sufficient, or the whole space is narrow and long, it is more appropriate to choose a large-size flat-screen TV or a laser TV. On the contrary, if The living room has a larger space and you want a larger display screen, for example, 120 inches or more. It is more ideal to choose a home theater projection system. The simplest way is to install curtains with better shading performance, and try to turn off the lights when playing games.

How To Design Your Gaming Living Room by Switch? Best Ideas in 2020

Surround Sound System

As for the surround sound system, since the Nintendo Switch only has the ability to output 5.1 surround sound, we don’t need to worry too much. It is a good choice to choose the Soundbar plus a wireless subwoofer. Some Soundbars can also allow you to add two more Wireless surround speakers are also good to enhance the sense of space in the rear. In addition to the Soundbar, to create a surround sound system in the living room, it is also a good choice to choose a 5.1 wireless surround speaker system.

How To Design Your Gaming Living Room by Switch? Best Ideas in 2020

Wireless speaker

The wireless method can reduce the wiring problem to a certain extent, but it should be noted that the wireless speaker still needs to consider the power cord. Of course, if you have reserved speaker cables before the renovation, then choosing a conventional 5.1 surround speaker system is a better choice. In addition, for AV amplifiers, we suggest that you can choose models with 7.1 channel specifications or above, preferably with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio processing capabilities, so that you can prepare for future upgrades.

How To Design Your Gaming Living Room by Switch? Best Ideas in 2020

If you are an experienced game player who has higher requirements for the picture and sound of the game, but you want to build a game audio-visual system in the living room, you must pay special attention to the environmental factors that restrict the establishment of the entire system.

As mentioned earlier, the living room itself cannot be like an independent audio-visual room with unlimited shading treatment, perfect speaker layout and optimal acoustic treatment. We need to pay special attention when building large-scale audio-visual systems. First of all, in the choice of the display system, we recommend that the screen size should be above 100 inches. If it is about 100-120 inches, it is a good choice to choose a laser TV at this stage.

The brightness of the screen display is closer to that of a flat-screen TV and has a better Environmental adaptability, very good overall color performance. If you want to choose 120 inches or more, the home theater projection system is better, but pay special attention to whether the focal length of the projector can meet the requirements of the living room space, and whether the projection screen needs to choose a special type with better light resistance.