How to disassemble a $5000 projector?

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Dangbei F3, the first flagship machine released in the range of smart projection products of 2020, needs to be paid great attention to. First, we present Dangbei F3, the current flagship product of the F3 smart projector, with 4 + 64 GB of memory, Mstar6A938VP chip, the configuration comes without any faulty; as for hardware, it delivers the brightness of 2050 ANSI lumens, the contrast of 8001-10000: 1 and supports fully automatic keystone correction and laser focus, a great product indeed.
Now let’s take a look of this disassembled high-end product.
1 look of dangbei f3.jpg

1. Look of Dangbei F3
2 dangbei f3 camera lens.jpg

Dangbei F3 has two TOF + CMOS cameras on the front, a main sapphire glass lens.
3 dangbei f3 back ports.jpg

On the back are the heat sink and various interfaces, a power interface, dual USB3.0, double HDMI, one of which supports arc, LAN interface, fiber optic audio interface and 3.5mm audio port.
2. Disassembly of Dangbei F3
Open the cover
4 dangbei f3 cover.jpg

The old method is to open the top cover first, be sure to leverage gently, or you may break the connecting line of the top lid plate.

Remove the cover
you'll see a heat-insulating foam on the cover.
5 heat-insulating foam.jpg

And there will be a Wi-Fi module on the F3 cover, and there is also a long PCB, which should be used to realize the far-field F3 voice function.
6 dangbei f3 wifi module.jpg

3. Internal structure of Dangbei F3
7 internal structure.jpg

You can see that the main board of F3 is a complete unibody and uses splinters and metal shell to prevent static electricity. You can see that there are two shielding covers of large area, which can help shield electromagnetic radiation.
8 front motherboard.jpg

This is the front of the Dangbei F3 motherboard.
9 sing-board design.jpg

The single-board design promotes signal integrity, especially for complex high-frequency equipment such as projectors, video signal transmission must be guaranteed.

4. Part of the optical machine
10 part of the optical machine.jpg

The optical machine is the main body of the projector. Having had a look at the cover, we can check out the main body of the optical machine. You can see that the radiator at the end of the Dangbei F3 board is actually made of pure copper (the cost of aluminum is low, and thermal conductivity is poor, while the cost of copper is higher and thermal conductivity is good) and a small fan is installed separately for the DMD area. So if you know, you know. The heat dissipation performance of Dangbei F3 is a plus.

5. Part of the sound section
11 dangbei f3 sound quality.jpg

The sound quality of F3 is very good, compared to the sound section of products that have been dismantled previously, this one is quite wide and large.

6.The "family portrait" components
12 family portrait components.jpg

This is the family portrait taken of Dangbei F3. Dangbei F3 is bigger than other models, and there must be a reason.
Since Dangbei F3 has three exhaust fans and two main exhaust fans.
13 dangbei f3 disassembly.jpg

This is the dismantling of Dangbei F3. Dangbei F3 material is of premium quality. The overall structural details are very delicate and they design it with prevention of static electricity and the shielding of electromagnetic radiation in mind; the largest volume is for better sound quality and increased heat dissipation.

Virgil Bradley

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Excellent Projector. I got one in my old house last year. In my case the equipment was installed in a dedicated room with total control of the light so the picture quality, brightness and colors are wonderful. The initial set up was very easy.


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I used to disassemble my projector sold at only $199. And it made me heart-broken when I broke one of the components during the disassembly...😢😢😢