How to fix OLED TV burn in?



Burn-in Problem with OLED TV​

We all know that TV is divided into OLED screen and LCD screen, LCD screen can be divided into LED, QLED, etc. In the field of TV, LED LCD TV is relatively cost-effective and cheap. OLED TVs are a new type of TV technology, and most of them are high-end TV products. OLED TVs have good picture quality and great contrast between light and dark.

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However, OLED TVs have always had the problem of screen burn-in. Since OLED TVs will burn in, why are so many users still interested in OLED TVs? How does burn-in affect TV?

OLED TVs have excellent picture quality because they use self-illuminating pixels. Each pixel is equivalent to the light control division of the LED TV, so it has a super high contrast ratio for the light and dark contrast picture. The picture of OLED TV is closer to reality, and the color and details of the picture are richer.

In addition, because OLED is self-luminous, it does not need a backlight, although it can create an ultra-thin appearance in appearance, and it looks more beautiful.

Although OLED TVs have many advantages, they have always suffered from screen burn-in. That is, if the same picture is displayed for a long time, artifacts or discoloration will appear on the screen - uneven aging of pixels. In the long run, it is easy to shorten the life of OLED screens.

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Why do OLED TVs burn in?​

The built-in organic light-emitting diode of OLED has the characteristics of self-luminescence, and the lifespan of the organic compound thin film material that causes it to emit light is limited. As the working time increases, the luminous efficiency will decrease.

When the OLED screen displays a static image for a long time, due to the different total working hours of the OLED in different areas on the screen, the luminous efficiency is attenuated differently, so the overall brightness of the screen will be inconsistent. Image afterimage may appear in certain areas, a phenomenon called "burn-in".

How to get rid of burn-in on OLED TV?​

It may not be possible to completely avoid OLED TV buin in, but it can prolong the service life of OLED screens as much as possible.

1. First of all, avoid watching images with repeated pictures for a long time, and change the viewing interface as often as possible when watching.

2. Do not adjust the brightness of the TV to high brightness. If the brightness is too high and it is played continuously, the pixels of the OLED screen will decay rapidly.

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Is OLED TV burn-in a problem?​

However, users who buy OLED TVs need not worry too much. With the gradual improvement of OLED technology, the service life of most OLED TVs can reach more than 30,000 hours. According to the average viewing time of 8 hours per day, it can also be used for 10 years.

In addition, the screen burn-in test on the Internet is at the limit, and ordinary users will not play the same screen for dozens of hours in a row. So for users who want high picture quality, and can buy OLED TV with confidence.