How to fix Smart TV freezes?



How to solve the smart TV freeze issue?​

For smart TVs, the phenomenon of stuttering often occurs after long-term use. The system of smart TV generally adopts the Android system, which can alleviate or solve the crash phenomenon by cleaning the TV cache and restoring the factory settings.

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Why does my smart TV freeze?​

There are many reasons for TV crashes, such as poor system optimization by TV manufacturers, less memory due to TV standing in the background, and too much garbage after long-term use. When it is found that the TV is stuck, the user can clear the memory more and reduce the running software to improve the system running speed and space.

How to avoid TV freezing?​

There are some habits that can reduce the lag of the TV, that is, after installing the software, you can check whether there are any participating APK installation packages remaining in the TV system. This is because some software will leave the installation package in the system after the automatic upgrade, and timely cleaning can keep the memory smooth.