How to link an external speaker to Anker Nebula projector?


Anker Nebula projector has its own built-in speakers so there is no need to link another external speaker for it. But if you have a better quality speaker and want to enjoy it with your Anker Nebula projector, there is how to connect them.

Anker settings.png

1. Open your Anker Nebula projector and go to Settings> General>Remotes & Accessories> Add accessory.

2. Turn on your speaker and switch it into pairing mode, remember the name of your speaker.

3. Then select your speaker from the scanning list.

4. Click the name of your speaker and connect it to your projector.

Then you have linked your external speaker to Anker Nebula projector successfully.

For more information, check Anker Nebula Projector Forum.