How to mount Insignia TV to Wall?


This guide will show you how to wall mount your Insignia TV. To mount your TV on a wall, you will need a wall mount. Consult the information below to find the appropriate mount for your TV model.

How to mount Insignia TV to Wall?

Be sure the mount you choose is capable of supporting the weight of the TV. After you have determined that you have the correct mount for your TV, you can begin the installation.
How to mount Insignia TV to Wall?

To install your TV on a wall:

1. Disconnect any cables connected to your TV.

2. Place the TV face-down on a clean, flat, stable surface. Be sure the surface is clear of debris that can scratch or damage the TV.

3. Remove the base by loosening and removing the screws.

4. Attach your TV and wall mount to the wall, carefully following the instructions that came with your mount.

For some wall mounts, you may want to use cables with right-angle connectors. This allows the TV to rest closer to the wall.

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