How to remove TV stand from Panasonic Viera?


Here is the guide on how to remove TV stand from Panasonic Viera.

How to remove TV stand from Panasonic Viera.jpg

Step 1
For safety, unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet, then place the TV screen face down on a towel. The towel helps prevent damage to the screen.

Step 2
Now you can use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the four set screws used to secure the stand from the bottom of the TV.

Step 3
Finally, you need to slowly slide the bracket out of the TV. The TV is now ready to be hung on the wall.

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For removing TV stand from Panasonic Viera:​

  1. Clear the space on the dining table.
  2. Spread a thick, soft blanket over the table.
  3. Place the TV face down on the blanket with the stand hanging over the edge of the table.
  4. Remove the four screws.
  5. Slide the stand to separate it from the TV.