How to screen-mirror Android devices to JMGO U2 Projector?


This is the guide on how to screen-mirror Android devices to JMGO U2 projector.

1. Make sure your Android device and JMGO U2 are under the same network.

Make sure your Android phone and JMGO U2 Pro are under the same network.jpg

2. Download and install an App called "E-Share" on your Android device.

E-share app.png

3. Enter "E-Share" located at the homepage of JMGO U2.

4. Click the "Scan" icon in the "E-Share" App on your Android device and scan the QR code to get connected.

scan the QR code on e-share app to get connected.png

5. After getting connected, you are good to screen-mirror contents from your Android device to JMGO U2.

jmgo u2.jpg

*Please note that copyrighted content from streaming services including Netflix cannot be screen-mirrored.