How to screen-mirror Android phone to JMGO O1 projector?


This guide will show you how to screen-mirror Android phone to JMGO O1 projector.

1. Open your JMGO O1 projector.

jmgo o1 projector.jpg

2. Make sure your Android phone and JMGO O1 are under the same network.

E-share app.png

3. Download and install an App called "E-Share" on your Android device.

4. Enter "E-Share" located at the homepage of JMGO O1.
scan the QR code on e-share app to get connected.png

5. Click the "Scan" icon in the "E-Share" App on your Android device and scan the QR code to get connected.

6. After getting connected, you are good to screen-mirror contents from your Android device to JMGO O1.
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