How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming: get satisfied about the ending


After The Hidden World, I always wondered how would Hiccup's children reaction to Dragons. A charming yet rushed short, Homecoming answered that question and gives us the HTTYD feels we all love. Highly recommend.

Not ten seconds into the short and you get the feeling and nostalgia of the franchise.


  • + Animation quality and direction are fantastic, unlike other Dragons shorts. Scenes and shifting are captured very well.
  • + Outstanding Music reminiscent to the HTTYD theme, with new tweaks.
  • + Hiccup and Astrid are yet again a remarkable duo. Strong writing for both of them.
  • + Zephyr and Nightlights' characters are unique well-developed. Definitely the star of the short.
  • + Remarkable voice acting for the children. Nuffing's accent!
  • + The satisfying amount of content out of 20 minutes we all needed.

  • Hiccup's voice acting hasn't been modified to suit his older self. Feels like same young Hiccup.
  • Rushed. Could've used more time to develop scenes. We barely saw New Berk or it's traditions, and "three days" seemed like a couple of minutes.
  • Missing characters.
Didn't like most of it with the childish story and very obvious silly mistakes but it all left my heart pounding and whelming just hearing Hiccub screaming Toothless and leading to the end of the third movie. It still is an honour to have witnessed this saga.