How to turn off the screen of Dangbei Mars Pro without shutting down?


Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector not only provides a stunning bright picture quality with its 4K true resolution and 3200 ANSI lumens, but also has amazing audio sound quality as it is equipped with two 10W speakers. Therefore, many people may use it as a Bluetooth Speaker. Besides turning it into Bluetooth Speaker mode, you can also turn off the projector screen to enjoy the sound effect without turning off the projector.

If you are playing the music on Dangbei Mars Pro projector when you doing housework, then you can turn off the screen to save energy.

1. First, press the Power button on the remote control, there will appear a screen as follow.

Dangbei Mars Pro Screen off settings.png

2. Then, press the direction button and switch to the last option Screen off.

3. Press OK to ensure that you want to turn off the screen.

Now you can just enjoy the audio of Dangbei Mars Pro and save energy.