How to use Google Play on Dangbei projectors?


Dangbei Mars Pro is on sale now, and many users may be confused about how to use Google Play on Dangbei projectors, I've found the solution. Hers's the guide. (This method ONLY works for the Dangbei devices.)

download gms apk.jpg

1. Download the GMS Installer app and install it on your USB drive. (Get download apk here.)

plug the usb to dangbei projector usb port.jpg

2. Plug the USB drive into the USB port of your Dangbei projector.

install google plugin.jpg

3. Run the APK, you can see the Google Plugin on the screen, select Install.

click download now.jpg

4. After the installing finished, click Download Now.

device reboot for google service.jpg

5. When the download is finished, click Install, the device will reboot and install Google Service.

google play store on dangbei projectors.jpg

6. When the reboot finish, you can enjoy the google service, now you can use the Google Play store.

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